Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 March Madness Thursday, 3/19

NCAAB: Here are my SU and ATS picks for the NCAA tourney games Round of 64 (Thursday).  Remember these are not top plays as their are only a few would be quality plays.  These are just a guide to help you with your picks. Good Luck!!!!

Midwest Region:

(1) Kentucky v. (16) Hampton     SU: Kentucky   ATS: Kentucky -32

(8) Cincinnati v. (9) Purdue          SU: Purdue       ATS: Purdue +.5

(6) Butler v. (11) Texas                SU: Texas         ATS: Texas -1

(3) Notre Dame v. (14) Northeastern  SU: Notre Dame WINNNER     ATS: Notre Dame -11 X

West Region:

(5) Arkansas v. (12) Wofford       SU: Wofford    ATS: Wofford +8

(4) N. Carolina v. (13) Harvard    SU: N. Carolina  ATS: N. Carolina -10

(6) Xavier v. (11) Ole Miss          SU: Ole Miss    ATS: Ole Miss +3.5

(3) Baylor v. (14) Georgia St.       SU: Baylor X     ATS: Georgia St. +9.5 WINNER

(7) VCU v. (10) Ohio St.              SU: Ohio St.   ATS: VCU +4.5

(2) Arizona v. (15) Tx Southern    SU: ArizonaWINNER   ATS: Tx Southern +24WINNER

East Region:

(1) Villanova v.  (16) Lafayette     SU: Villanova   ATS: Villanova -22.5

(8) NC State v. (9) LSU                SU: NC State   ATS: NC State -1.5

South Region:

(5) Utah v. (12) SF Austin            SU: Utah           ATS: SF Austin +7

(4) Gtown v. E. Washington         SU: E. Washington   ATS: E. Washington +8.5

(6) SMU v. (11) UCLA                SU: SMU          ATS: SMU -3.5

(3) Iowa St. v. (14) UAB              SU: Iowa St. X    ATS: Iowa St. -13.5 X

2015 March Madness


Here I will offer game predictions/picks for every game of the 2015 NCAA tourney starting with the play in games on Wednesday.  I will do Straight up and ATS games picks against the spread for every game.

Robert Morris v. N. Florida      Straight up: N. Florida X       Spread: Robert Morris +4  WINNER

Dayton v. Boise St.                   Straight up: Dayton WINNER    Spread: Dayton -3.5 X

Bracket SU: 1-1   (-$23.66)

Bet picks ATS: 1-1 (-$9.09)

Theoretical $100 bet on each game